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Hi! My name is Darius and this is my wedding blog. I am a wedding photographer and videographer and like to help couples to make their big day wonderful.

Tips On Getting a Good Videographer

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Videography services do not come cheap. However, for your Wedding Videography Singapore may be the best option because the pictures will be the only reminder of your special day.

Do you need any more reasons to help you decide on whether to allocate a significant chunk of your money on wedding films? Before you check out the different vendors, make sure to know that there are also the differences in Singapore wedding videographers. There are definitely differences between getting a professional to do it for you, or to get a amatuer, or friends to do it.

Memories for your wedding guests

Long after your wedding day is over, your loved ones may want a constant reminder of that special day in your life. That way, they can watch the event repeatedly and share it with others, if only to brag about you.

Share the joy with those who did not attend

It may be impossible for everyone you invited to your wedding, to come when the day arrives. Accidents, sicknesses and other major commitments have a way of interfering with even the best-laid plans.

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New memories for your children

Not having any children prior to getting married should provide you with a very strong incentive to pay for videography services. It is one thing to talk to your children about your wedding day, and quite another to be able to show them.

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Great memories for you

The only thing that you will have of your wedding day, as you grow older with your spouse, is the memories. However, the older you become, the harder it will be to remember those wonderful memories with clarity. Time tends to do that to the mind.

Wedding Favors – More Than Gifts

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An often overlooked part of any wedding planning involves the wedding favours. Many times favours are forgotten about until the last minute. Brides and grooms run around frantically trying to find something suitable for their wedding party. Other times, the wedding couple can’t agree on what to give their party or they don’t have any idea on what’s the best way to show their appreciation. Favours are a great way to say thank you to all those who worked so hard to make your wedding a success. Therefore, take time to find something special and meaningful for your wedding party.

When looking for a wedding favour, feel free to get a little creative. You can research a ton of different ideas on sites like Wikipedia, Pinterest, Etsy, and even eBay. These sites can give you valuable ideas of personalized gifts, as well as more unique offerings. They can also assist you in your wedding gown search. Take time to find items that match the theme of your wedding. Visit wedding planning sites that can help assist your decision making. It’s almost always a wise decision to consult a professional service for their input.

Below are some general ideas for favours that blend both traditional elements and more contemporary themes.

Engraved glassware or drink ware

This is a great way to honor your wedding party with an item that’s useful, but also gives them a nice memento of your union. You can elect to different styles such as champagne glasses, pewter mugs, or standard everyday glassware.

Practical everyday use gifts

A nice gift for a man may be a small toolkit or specialty flashlight. Most women would love to receive a collection of lotions or bath products.

Lots of thought items

Homemade candles offer a personal touch. Personalized scrap books offer a great personal touch. Another great handmade gift is canned jams and jellies. The bride or groom to be may have a knack for crafts or carpentry. Making personalized wood displays are a heartfelt way to show your bridesmaids and groomsmen that you’re grateful to them. Handmade drink coasters, pottery vases, and ornaments all add a terrific personalized touch to your favours.

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Customized selection of candy bars

Many companies will make you customized candy bars that are labeled with your desired inscriptions. You can add the bridesmaid or groomsman’s name and also include the wedding program on the wrapper.

Other edible favours

Edible gift baskets are great for favours and there’s something for everyone. You may also purchase your party a membership to a company that deals in fine steaks or cheeses. A variety cookie tray is always a welcome gift. A basket of coffee and tea arrangements are also a nice touch.

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Don’t overlook your wedding favours. Find items that best represent your special day and will be appreciated by those around you. Making your wedding unforgettable involves tending to every detail. Your favours are your thank you to the ones that mean the most to you. Make them special and memorable to all your family and friends.